Modern Farmhouse Style

Tuesday 31st May 2022 Posted by Sally Tucker

Interior Design

Modern farmhouse style is known for its warmth and simplicity.  Characterised by beautiful textiles and natural elements in materials like stone, wood or forged iron. It is the perfect update for your interior, to see you through the coldest months of the year in cozy comfort.

Warm whites are the background colour of choice, but this style is punctuated with a palette of muted tones and neutrals in earthy colours from russets, browns, muddy yellows and of course greens.  Pair natural textures and soft warm fabrics.  Layer faded florals, stripes and plaid cushions with slubby linens, knitted throws and muted velvets. Nothing too refined or fussy and definitely a feeling of mixed not matched.

Modern Farmhouse emphasises well used and much-loved items, but there’s no room for clutter in this style. Put a fresh spin on vintage and rustic elements, so your home feels thoroughly modern in spirit by mixing older pieces with something very modern with clean lines.  Picture your grandmother’s cut crystal vase overfilled with sprigs of flowers and fresh branches cut from the garden. Organic wooden or marble bowls to catch keys and everyday items, and piles of books on a modern timber hallway table or on an ottoman in front of the fire.

Greenery is a must to compliment this style. Whether in the form of faux foliage, gorgeous bare branches or flowers from the garden tumbled casually in vases throughout the space, it’s all about bringing the outdoors in.

The Modern Farmhouse approach to comfort and beautiful, simple design, is warm and inviting. Even if you live no-where near a farm! The clean lines and no-nonsense honest approach to decorating in this style, easily mixes vintage finds with brand new-pieces, without being pretentious or showy. It is a practical warm and welcoming style that embraces family, friends and fur family wherever you live!

It’s no wonder we love it!

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