LM Home Interiors Living range includes sofas, accent chairs, side and coffee tables, media units, storage furniture, ottomans and more. Hamptons style bedroom furniture has increased in demand along with the rapid upward trend of Hamptons-style homes in Australia.

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When you think of the Hamptons, your mind immediately transports you to the luxurious homes built in Long Island, New York. However, here in Australia, we’ve adapted our style in terms of interior designs to match the Hamptons. At LM Home Interiors you will find Hamptons style bedroom furniture in Australia.

Bring Coastal Vibes Indoors with Hamptons Style Bedside Tables in Australia

Our love for the beach and outdoors is what makes this style of furniture possible in our homes. The properties are usually white-washed with classic and neutral colours throughout the house to evoke a laid-back, relaxed ambience. Since the colours are neutral, the details of the furniture are essential in creating beauty.

  • If you enjoy reading or working while in bed, you require a space to store your items. Getting out of bed at that point seems an inconvenience which is why you need a bedside table. Some designs feature drawers for extra storage space.
  • Apart from items that you regularly use, the bedside table is the perfect spot to place photo frames or even a nightlight to provide you sufficient light to read a book while avoiding disturbing your partner. Essential items such as an alarm clock or your smartphone require storage at night, and the bedside table is the perfect solution.
  • Bedside tables are functional for the most part; however, they do add decorative flair to the room. Hence there are various styles of bedside tables. They can match the theme of the home, which could be Hamptons-style furniture or other options. A high-quality bedside table can contribute to the aesthetics of a bedroom.

Add Flair with a Hamptons Style Bedhead in Australia

Decorating a home is a continuous process, and as an occupant, you want to surround yourself with comfortable and aesthetically pleasing furniture. It’s for these reasons that homeowners in Australia are opting for Hamptons style furniture.

  • Due to its historical roots, people associate Hamptons furniture with prestige and luxury. Those expensive homes in Long Island are primarily responsible for this premier reputation. Bedheads in this material are usually manufactured in a variety of hues but mainly lighter tones.
  • Visible wood is the foundation of Hamptons style furniture. Usually, the wood is polished and treated to ensure a sophisticated appearance. The aim is to allow the occupants to think of the beach and enjoy being in a relaxed environment. As such, the furniture is painted white to brighten up a room, unlike any other colour.
  • Hamptons style furniture is authentic. It uses a combination of dark furniture with light trims and antique pieces to create the perfect look. Hence, when considering a bedhead, go for a tufted finish with studded details.

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