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A console table in Sydney does more than fill a space to appear beautiful. It adds a degree of modernity and is functional. Since they’re ideal in narrow spaces, they offer a place for you to house precious décor items.

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Furnish Your Indoor Space with a Console Table in Sydney

Console tables are available in shapes and sizes that allow it to fit anywhere in the home. Whether you need a table in the bathroom, a smaller dressing room or the lobby, a console table is both attractive and functional. There are several benefits to acquiring a wooden console table in Australia.

Luxurious Hamptons Style Console Tables for Stylish Additional Storage

  • The most common area for a console table is near the entrance of the home, in the hallway. It serves as the hive for all exit and entry activities. Depending on the style of the table, the addition of baskets encourages occupants to leave essential items such as keys and wallets in a safe place until it’s time to exit.
  • Adding a console table to any room in the house, be it the guest room, master room, dining or bathroom offers the possibility of extra storage. Thanks to its versatility, these tables can fit into small spaces. You’re able to store various items relating to each room in the drawers.
  • Besides providing an excellent base for any artwork you may hang on the walls; a console table serves as a space for extra lighting. You could place two lamps on either side of the table to light up an area of the home that doesn’t receive much light.

Tips for Getting the Most Use Out of Your New Buffet Table in Sydney

Also known as a sideboard, the buffet table is a long table usually placed in the dining room to store and display items. They have become a favourite of interior designers as they don’t take up much space. You can now have a Hamptons style buffet in Australia with one of our tables.

  • Primarily, these tables are used to store away special occasion crockery and linen that you require for the dining room. Additionally, when it is time to serve your guests, the buffet table is where you lay down your dishes to make it easy for guests to help themselves before sitting at the dining room table. Hence the term, ‘buffet table’. When you’re not using it for service, the surface is ideal for displaying knick-knacks such as bowls, favoured photographs, or artwork.
  • Selecting the correct size is crucial as it must be proportional to the room it serves. The recommended depth should be between 50 and 53-centimetres, while the length should be around 150-centimetres. In terms of height, the buffet table should mirror your kitchen table and should be approximately 90-centimetres high.
  • Decide on the features and material to suit your requirements. Include drawers, magazine racks or shelving for extra storage space.

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