You’ll love our Hamptons style wall art in Australia. Hamptons style denotes the cultured, cool, classic, yet casual and rustic atmosphere of the homes and interior design chic on Long Island, New York. Take a look.

Hamptons Style Wall Art in Australia for a Refined, Sophisticated, Vintage Look

Green, yellow, neutrals, whites, and coastal blues − from navy to baby blue – are the colours typically used in Hamptons style artwork to provide a timeless but relaxed feel.

Tips for Decorating with Hamptons Style Artwork in Australia

  • Hamptons style décor is the American adaptation of the French Empire, Rococo, and Baroque interior design approaches. Bright and whitewashed objects create an effortless, sophisticated, yet calming seaside ambience.
  • Our lovely window-styled Arch wall mirror has a white frame and bestows a sense of polished vintage appeal. Our multi-panel Union rectangular mirror is manufactured of 100 percent iron with a black finish, whereas the Iron Belle Multi-paned mirror is another beautifully designed wall art possibility.
  • The Shell I and Shell II Designer Boys Art prints are available in different sizes and consist of refined seashell artwork replicated on quality paper and framed by hand in faux silver bamboo.
  • The Tropicano I and II Designer Boys Art prints show delicately rendered palm trees, leaves, flowers, and fruits in faux antique gold bamboo frames.

Our exclusive luxury products are designed in Australia and the classic pieces will suit your existing furniture. Nobody else sells our unique merchandise.

Premium Hamptons Style Prints in Australia

Create the upmarket Hamptons vibe in Sydney, Australia by using light colours combined with darker tones or accents. Play around with our furniture, cushions, fragrances, candles, lamps, chandeliers, and greenery to establish the right atmosphere.

  • We run a locally owned small business, and our elegant premium goods are available at a moderate cost. Our customers are our priority and can expect superior service and care from our friendly staff.
  • Purchase your classy French, modern, and coastal Hamptons style wall art, bedroom-, dining room-, study-, outdoor area-, and living room furniture from our Castle Hill store and online in Australia.
  • Discover our exquisite coffee table books that are in themselves works of art to be admired. Saskia Havekes is an artistic flower arranger who creates magnificently lush displays and original large-scale installations in Sydney, Australia. She presents some of her favourite floral presentations in her book, Flower Addict, photographed by Nicholas Watt.

Meg Braff shares her ideas on how to establish interior spaces that are attractive and gracious yet easy and comfortable to live in − which is also our purpose − in The Decorated Home. Purchase this lavishly illustrated publication filled with inspiring concepts and vibrant images from us.

Why You Should Use LM Home Interiors

Our goods are genuine and could vary slightly regarding measurements and colour. Timber furniture may contain knots, distressed highlights in different areas, and varying surface textures because they are made of natural timber. We rejoice in the minor variations that prove our products are authentically hand-crafted- and finished. Contact us if you want something different.

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