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We have an array of Hampton style armchairs to enhance the appearance of your interior. Traditionally, the Hamptons refers to the luxurious villages situated in Long Island, New York.

Since it’s located near the beach, it’s reserved for the rich and famous and has become associated with a particular style of furniture. This look includes lighter tones, wooden finishes, and all-round sophistication with rustic touches. LM Home Interiors stocks a range of Hampton style furniture.

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Australia has been blessed with a utopian climate and an abundance of properties in prime locations. Its appearance mirrors the images we see on TV relating to the physical location of the Hamptons, and as such, this type of furniture has become the preferred choice for several homes.

Style Your Home with a Hamptons Armchair in Australia

Besides being manufactured from lighter tones of wood, there’s nothing ordinary about a Hampton’s armchair. They are sturdy and durable and last a long time if maintained correctly. Since they are meant to give off the feeling of relaxation, the materials that combine to make an armchair aren’t heavy, as a result, you can move it around easily without too much effort.

Added to its functional use, the armchair contributes to the appearance of your interior décor. Manufacturers combine antiques with dark and light furniture to create various types of armchairs. They will add shine to parts of the timber to create a sophisticated yet relaxed, beach feel.

Since the material is generally high-quality, these armchairs require little or no maintenance. Use a dry cloth to remove any dust or dirt that settles on the wood. It’s advisable to use a damp cloth to remove any stains occasionally. As a result, your investment in this type of armchair is guaranteed to last a long time.

Selecting the Right Hamptons Style Armchairs Australia

We are incredibly passionate about interior home design and always strive to deliver high-quality products. The style of our furniture surpasses the Hamptons with Coastal, French, and Contemporary also available.

  • We stock a wide range of products to enhance the appearance of your home’s interior. There are solutions for every room in the house as well as homewares and outdoor furniture. Every piece is hand-crafted and made with our customers in mind.
  • We have two delivery options for your convenience in the greater Sydney area. The classic delivery includes most of our products while the black-tie option deals with larger items and those that require assembly. Our team will deliver your package, unwrap it, assemble it and place it where you expect. We do ship to other areas across Australia via our freight partner.
  • In keeping with the movement of technology, our online store is fully accessible and user-friendly. Simply click on the items you desire, add it to your cart, pay using any one of several payment methods and wait for your package to arrive at your door. The alternative is a visit to our physical store in Sydney, Australia.

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