Couches and Sofas

Hamptons style lounge suites add a sophisticated and comfortable style for your home. LM Home Interiors want you to enjoy the highest-quality furniture and have the best experience with our team.

Nothing will stop you from creating the home of your dreams when you combine a Hamptons style couch with side tables, ottomans, bookcases, and entertainment units. Before you know it, your home will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Hamptons Style Lounge Suites for Elegant Living at Affordable Prices 

Bringing the Hamptons look into your home will conjure up feelings of relaxation and easy-going living. Discover ways to decorate your home in smart and affordable ways.

Choosing Décor to Match Our Hamptons Style Sofas in Australia

  • The elegant, sophisticated design that defines the Hampton style is classic and understated. Timeless sofas don’t follow the latest trends. Seek out an authentic look, a combination of Manor, Georgian, and Tudor influences that retain a sense of warmth and cosiness. Combine classic decorating ideas with rustic influences to create the perfect coastal retreat.
  • The Hamptons style matches well with Australia due to Aussies’ love of bringing the outdoors in, living close to the beach, and using natural light to brighten any home. Changing the paint colour to soft white with natural accents can open up your home and allow natural light to bounce off the walls. Rugs can define open spaces and brighten or ground the room, depending on the colour chosen. Cushions will add sass and personality using accent colours such as duck egg blue.
  • Mirrors, artwork, lamps, and lighting can transform a dark interior into an environment that is ready for entertainment and enjoyment. Our orchids and fig fiddle leaf plants add greenery and an organic feeling throughout your home.

Design and Create Your Dream Home with Hampton Style Lounge Chairs

  • Our armchairs have a simple design style and comfortable seating. Soft cushions encourage hours of cosy time reading or chatting with family and friends. The rattan chairs, made from natural materials, are perfect for the outdoors. Our indoor chairs mix warm timber with natural textiles for the ideal location in your living room or bedroom.
  • Bring on the company with large dining room tables. Our teak tables stand up to the weather when the family gathers for outdoor barbeques. Our dining table for holiday gatherings incorporates French classic or rustic farmhouse styles. Mango wood in an antique grey wash means the soft, comfortable feel will keep guests and family lingering for hours after everyone has finished eating, especially since our dining chairs are soft and comfortable.
  • Consider our glass candleholders or our glass document box for the final touch that helps complete the look with the perfect accessory.


About LM Home Interiors

We want to inspire you to live the good life and to partner with you to create the home of your dreams. Our passion is creating stylish and beautiful homes where contemporary meets classic elegance. Each piece of furniture is handcrafted and made with your taste in mind. Come to us for friendly, approachable service and the finest quality products available.

Please contact us with any questions and start your Hampton style living today with a visit to our online shop or join us in-store.

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