Occasional Chairs

Ensure that you first consider our Hamptons-style occasional chairs and our other unique furnishings and accessories before you search anywhere else.

You will probably find every chair, bedside table, lamp or artwork that you fancy at LM Home Interiors. We understand that your home is the place where you need to relax, and we have practical furniture and homewares to help you to create your most beautiful home.

Elegant Hamptons-Style Occasional Chairs From LM Home Interiors

Occasional chairs, also known as accent chairs, not only provide extra seating, but also emphasise the style in your room, and can provide a sense of contrast.

Benefits of Styling with Occasional Chairs in Sydney

  • Occasional chairs are versatile. You can move them around for regular interior updates because a unique chair, strategically placed, can make a significant change.
  • Your chairs don’t have to be fancy to be useful. A simple chair, which you can use with a cushion or as is, can be functional and stylish in any space. Chairs with brighter colours can enliven a neutral room or provide just the required contrast.

Using different chairs and complementing patterns in one room can indeed create the perfect balance. Move the same two chairs to another room, for example, the patio, in other positions, and see the difference that it makes.

Tips Regarding Styling and Decorating with Modern Occasional Chairs

Once you have determined which purpose you want your chairs to serve, visit us to find the perfect chair for the spot you have in mind.

  • Your chairs may complement or act as contrast features in a room, but be careful of using too many patterns, which can cause anxiety, rather than serenity. They must also be comfortable, as it will see occasional use. Ensure that they are not too big and steal all the focus.
  • Depending on the purpose of the chair, decide whether to use a chair with or without arms. A chair with arms may work best in an office, while our Simonata armchair, for example, will be perfect for a living room, where one can relax and read a book.
  • Your occasional armchair in Australia should not clash with your artwork, accessories, and other.

If you need advice on which piece of furniture or style to use for which room, we’ll gladly share our knowledge and experience.

About LM Home Interiors

We have been running for three years and look forward to the rest of our journey with you. Whether you need elegant furniture for your patio or your home – in Hamptons, Coastal, French, or Contemporary style – we have it, in different shapes and sizes, with a range of homeware to keep your interiors up to date.

If you need your purchases delivered, you’ll receive it within a week. Contact us if you have any questions, or to order the furniture and accessories for the home of your dreams.

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